It's raining men!

Yet another man in our corner--a New Zealand lawyer-cross-dressing-fighting the good ol' boys network-feminist kind of man. My favorite kind of man! (Hat tip: Wandering Bell).

In this article, Rob Moodie proclaims that:
"I will now, as a lawyer, be wearing women's clothing," Moodie said. He said he wants the court to address him as "Ms. Alice" — and that his wife and three children support his protest.

His attire, he insisted, is to highlight the insensitive "old boys' network" of New Zealand's judiciary.

"My confidence in the male ethos is zilch. It's a culture of intimidation, authority, power and control," the high-profile lawyer said.
Amen to that sister--er--brother!

The outfit that he wore to court on the first day that he dressed as a woman was described in the article as follows:
Rob Moodie, 67, arrived at Wellington's High Court on Monday in a navy blue woman's suit complete with diamond brooch and lace-topped stockings over his hairy legs...
But, the important question is, of course, do you think that he wore navy or brown pumps with that suit? My bet's on navy...


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