Hell has officially frozen over

Linda Hirshman and I see eye to eye--at least on one point.

In this post from her blog, she responds to analogies made regarding the article discussed yesterday, "Don't marry a career women" by Michael Noer, wherein some compare her recommendation to young women to marry either an older or younger man to the recommendation made by Noer in his article.

Ms. Hirshman asserts that her actual recommendation is "Don't marry a jerk":
What these writers miss of course is that my rule is "Never Marry A Jerk" MEANING, for anyone who has been on Mars for the last eight months, someone who will not expect the female to bear 70% of the housework and child rearing, let's call him MIchael Noer. Marrying younger or older is just a stand in for the careful work that goes into not marrying a jerk.
Eureka! I think we've found common ground.

Of course, the phrase that I prefer is "Don't marry an asshole." I rather prefer that term of art, don't you?


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