What does your secretary do for you?

Happy Feminist's comment regarding my prior post about my talk with my secretary got me thinking. HF mentioned that her secretary prints out and files her e-mails. Not in a million years would this ever happen with my secretary. I'd rather have she-who-is-inept focus on the big stuff and try to get it right, rather than have a lot of little stuff distracting her. I think it must be a function of her ineptitude.

All that I require of SWII is that she 1) get my mail 2) file mail and other assorted documents, although I'll file some of that myself if I happen to have the file on my desk, just to avoid mis-filing, which is a regular occurrence 3) open and close files 4) type letters and memos that I dictate and 5) organize my files by creating typed folder labels for various sub-files within the main file (she does this very unwillingly--she would prefer that I create the sub-file myself by writing the name of the sub-file on the tab, or, alternatviely, that she be allowed to write, rather than type, the name of the sub-file).

She does not print and file e-mails, take phone calls, schedule appointments, pull files, or willingly and of her own volition organize files or open files with standard sub-files (I have to request them each and every time or she doesn't do it). That's all that I can think of offhand.

In any event, Happy Feminist's comment made me wonder what other people's secretaries do for them on a regular basis. I'd really like to hear from those of you that are associates in law firms on to this issue. It will be interesting, albeit depressing, to learn what I'm missing out on.

So, please, please, let me know: What does your secretary do for you?


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