Maybe he's onto something

Christopher Marston has created what he calls "the firm of the future"--a law firm that is based on a flat fee for services concept as opposed to the billable hours concept.
Here's an article that sums up his background and how he established his firm:
Chris set out to revolutionize the legal industry moments after graduating with a vision for creating the firm of the future. This firm would abandon traditional law practice and the billable hour, focusing on the value of services provided, rather than the cost of one’s time. After conducting thorough research on the topic of the history of law and the billable hour, and unable to find a law firm with this unique business model, it sparked the idea for a business...After months of research, Exemplar Law Partners was born in April 2005.
He's got a blog about his business venture, too.

It's an interesting concept. Only time will tell if it will ultimately be a successful and profitable venture.

But, it's creative ideas like this one--thinking outside the box--that will allow our generation to hopefully abandon the traditional billable hours model and find a better work/life balance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully his firm will succeed. That'll show BigLaw a thing or two.


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