Additions to blogroll

Since the creation of this blog, I've added a number of blogs to my blogroll and many of the same blogs have also added Sidebar to their blogroll. Here's a brief round up of the blogs that I've added:

Big Law Associate-As the name suggests, it's a blog about the trials and tribulations of working as an associate in Biglaw.

Color of Law-A blog about the life and times of a law student.

Fresh Pepper?-An amusing blog written by an associate in a law firm who lives in his parent's basement and aspires to be a professional chef.

The Happy Feminist-A blog about mostly feminist issues written by an associate in a law firm.

knownunknowns-A group blog written by a few lawyers about a variety of interesting issues.

La Dolce Divas-Another joint blog written by two attorney fashionistas about style, fashion and all that good stuff.

teahouseblossom-A blog written by an associate in a New York law firm about her life experiences.

Wandering Bell- A blog written by a lawyer in San Francisco that consists of his musings on life as a sole practitioner as he trains for his first Ironman.


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