This week's library book ratios

We just returned from a trip to the library, so it's time to chart the male to female character ratios. It doesn't look too good for the girls this week:
  • 2:0--Too Much Noise--Two men and a bunch of nameless animals. The cow and hen were female (the cow had an udder and the hen is by defintion female), but they were minor, nameless characters.
  • 9:4--Bob's A to Z Word Book--This includes the machines, based upon the gender assigned to them here at Wikipedia's entry on Bob The Builder. Spud the scarecrow wasn't counted since it's apparently androgynous.
  • 2:0--Tough Boris--The two main characters were male, as were all of the pictured unnamed sidekicks. The parrot was assigned no gender. Nary a woman in sight.
  • 2:0--Little Stone Buddha--The two main characters were male, as were all of the other nameless minor characters. The foxes' gender was not established.
  • 2:0--The Custodian from the Black Lagoon--The two main characters wree male. The nameless, minor characters were a mix.
  • 0:1--Silly Little Goose--Goose was a female, looking for a place to lay her eggs. Mnay of the nameless side characters also appeared to be mothers, since they were shown with their young, but it wasn't entirely clear.
17:5 total for this week. Wow. Now that's what I'm talking about! How do you combat that?

28:13 total thus far, since the inception of this little experiment last week.


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