Meet--genius boy.

I'm not sure whether this situation calls for a snide comment about prosecutors or law firm associates. I'm truly torn. Either way, there's no doubt that the guy who's the subject of this article is most certainly an Asshole Partner in the making.

If you can't access the article, Jay Kuo, an idiot law firm associate from "the well-known litigation boutique Keker & Van Nest" who was "on loan" to a San Francisco prosecutor's office blogged about a misdemanor case that he was handling. And most likely due to the defendant's motion, the judge assigned to the matter happened upon his blog. And, it seems that the posts were...well...somewhat inflammatory.

From the article:
The contents of the blog posts were not available online Wednesday, but according to Karnow's ruling, Kuo at various points called his opposing counsel "chicken" when she asked for a continuance, directly alluded to her with some posting titles obscene enough that the judge did not repeat them and mentioned a prior conviction that had not yet been deemed admissible at trial.
Although the judge disagreed with the defendant's assertion that the charges should be dismissed due to the highly prejudicial nature of the comments on the blog, the judge called Kuo's actions "juvenile, obnoxious and unprofessional."

Ya think?


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