Well, that's one way to cop a feel

An old guy was apparently posing as a doctor and going door-to-door offering to provide free breast exams. (Hat tip: Kevin M.D.)

According to this article:
Carrying a black “doctor’s” bag, investigators claim Winnikoff walked up to a apartment building and told a 36-year-old woman, that he was in the neighborhood offering free breast exams.

According to police, the woman let Winikoff into her apartment and the phony doctor began the exam, touching first her breasts, and then, her genitals.

The woman quickly realized that Winikoff was not a real doctor and she called 911, but the fake doctor had already left her apartment to find another victim; a 33 year old woman who lives in the same apartment complex.
Very creative. He knew what he wanted, aggressively pursued it, and convinced others to go along with it. I bet this guy would have made a great lawyer.


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