Too little, too late

So, according to this article, the State of Alabama has finally gotten around to approving a bill that will pardon Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks, in case you're not aware, died last October. Alabama's timing is somewhat curious. You'd think that they could have gotten around to passing this bill sometime within say, the last 50 years.

But, no. Ms. Parks died with the convictions on her record, never having had the satisfaction of knowing that the State of Alabama had acknowledged that she had done no wrong.

There's an interesting article on this issue entitled "Did Rosa Parks Pardon Alabama?". From that article:
I don't question the noble intentions of those who support this legislation. I can appreciate the inconvenience - and embarrassment - a law-abiding person feels at having a conviction on her record. Even a conviction that cost only a $10 fine half a century ago. But I wonder if the supporters of this bill truly appreciate the moral implications of what they are asking. You only need to be excused, forgiven, pardoned, when you've done wrong. And while it's true that Parks and others did break the law, that's not the same as doing wrong.
The author raises a good point.

But, putting aside the issue of whether the remedy is necessarily appropriate, at least Alabama is publicly acknowledging the error of their ways. But, for Rosa Parks, it's too little too late.


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