Oh sure, why not?

I was in Asshole Partner's office at the end of the day, discussing an assignment, when Nice Partner stopped by. "Hey Asshole. I can't take you tonight after all. Wifey called and I have to go straight home."

"Thanks for the late notice, Nice. But, that's ok. Moi's here. You can take me, can't you?"

"Um, me? Maybe. When and where?"

"To the shop on Maple to pick up my Porsche. Right now."

"Right now? Well, I guess I can. I didn't actually have any specific plans." That sounded bad. It was only 5:15. I figured I'd pile it on thick, for the hell of it. "Er, that is--aside from lots and lots of work until say--oh--9 tonight." I grinned. I was pretty damn funny.

"Yeah, you and 9 o'clock, Moi. When was the last time that happened?" Asshole Partner cracked a smile. "So you can take me?"

"You're serious, Asshole?"

"Sure I am. How else am I going to get there now that Nice abandoned me?"

I shrugged. "Good question. I suppose I'm your only hope."

"Great! I'll meet you at the elevators in five minutes."

"Ok, Asshole." I walked out of his office, shaking my head. If this kept up, people were going to think we were having an affair. That was the last thing I needed.


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