No one told me there'd be days like these

My eyelids began to droop again. I shook my head and took a deep breath and then re-read the case for the fifth time. No wonder Mentor Partner had suckered me into helping with this brief. This stuff was dry. No, not just dry, boring as hell. Indemnification, subrogation, sub-contractor, subrogee. I can't even keep track of the parties, let alone comprehend the convoluted legal issues.

It was like Contracts class all over again. I'd always thought that the practice of law would be a lot more thrilling than this. Law and Order and all that.

Criminal practice hadn't been all that bad, all things considered. Sure, I was overworked and underpaid. But at least it was interesting. Maybe I should have stuck with that.

I sighed. I couldn't concentrate. I needed a break. I read over a few letters in my in-bin. Then I checked my e-mail and skimmed over the latest news headlines. All rightie then. Enough procrastinating. Concentrate Moi!

I picked up the case again. It was as if the teacher from the Peanuts was reading it to me or I was the dog from this Far Side cartoon--blah blah subrogor blah blah sub-lessee blah blah blah indemnitee. My eyes glazed over, all thought processes ceased. Aarrgh!

How is it that no one-- none of my law professors, mentors, strangers on the street--ever told me that the practice of law could be so mind-numbingly dull.

I closed the research folder and stood up. I needed coffee. More coffee. Strong coffee. And lots of it.


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