What happened to my secretary(s)

Rob asked whatever happened with my secretary--ask and ye shall receive.

There were actually three secretaries during my tenure at my firm. My first secretary, she-who-is-inept, eventually left, and then, shortly thereafter asked to come back, to which the hiring partner replied with a resounding "no!"

The shit hit the fan about one week before she left. Her ineptitude had continued for over one year (many lost files found weeks later in someone else's office, sloppy work, continuing screw ups and a deteriorating attitude) and one day I approached her and asked her a random, simple question along the lines of "where is the "Y" file?"

She replied in a very snippy fashion, and I snapped. I informed her, within earshot of other secretaries, that I treated her with respect and expected the same from her, and that in the future she was not to speak to me in that tone again.

Apparently, she made a big spectacle of crying, which was brought to the attention of the managing partner by another secretary. He spoke with me about it and advised that I should avoid chastising her in the hallway, which was certainly true. And, he told me that they were on the verge of firing her, but preferred not to do so simply in order to avoid creating waves amongst the support staff. He said they'd discuss it at the next partners' meeting and let me know. Fortunately, she quit in the interim, which was the perfect resolution for all concerned.

They then hired secretary #2, whom I fondly refer to as bleached-blond-poodle-hair-secretary-from-hell. Would you like to hear about her?


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