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We went to the library a bit late this week, so this post is also a bit belated. But, it's time for the weekly analysis of the ratio of boy to girl characters in the books that my kids randomly selected from the library. As usual, the girls didn't fare too well.

This week's round up:
  • Tiger on a Tree--3:0. Not a female in sight in this book. All main and peripheral characters were male.
  • You Can't Take a Balloon Into the Museum of Fine Arts--2:2. This book was just the way a book should be--and the way that the world is. It had a grandma and a grandpa and 2 grandkids, one of each sex. The peripheral characters were a good mix of each sex.
  • The Field Beyond The Outfield--3:1. The main character was a boy, he had a male coach, a dad, and the obligatory female--his mom. A prime example of a female character being included only when she fulfills a stereotypical "feminine" role.
  • No Such Thing--2:2. Two male main characters, a little boy and a boy monster, with the two female characters, their mothers, playing a supporting role.
  • Snow Music--2:0--A little boy who loses his male dog. There was a picture of a female deer, but it wasn't a major character. All of the boy's friends appeared to be male as well.
  • Three Little Kittens--2:2. The mom is, of course, female. Of the three little kittens, the pink one is--(Can you guess?)--a girl of course. She has long lashes just like her mom. The other two kittens (blue and orange) are boys.
Total for this week: 14:7. Of the 7 female characters, 4 were mothers, which doesn't even really count in my mind. But, I'll count them nevertheless, because if I don't, the numbers will be absolutely pathetic this week. Oh, wait a minute. They're already ridiculously pathetic.

Total count thus far: 42:20.

It's a sad, sad commentary on our culture, isn't it?


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