UPDATE: Here's the link to the original Hirshman article that she refers to in her blog post. (Hat tip: Feminist Law Professors).


As I read this post from Linda Hirshman's blog, all I could think was "Give me a f*cking break."

First, her main thesis is outrageous:
Men and women should get the same access to law school-same tuition, same scholarships, etc. If, however, 10 years after graduation, the law school graduate is not working full-time at some job for which law school is a reasonable preparation, he, or more likely, she, will have to give the school back the money that it spent educating him or her over and above whatever was paid in tuition. The refunds would be put in a fund for scholarships for law students who could not otherwise afford to go to law school.
I didn't attend law school so that I could give back to society, and I don't owe anyone or any institution anything simply because I graduated from law school.

I obtained a law degree in order to empower myself. I obtained my law degree for me; not society, not feminists, not Ms. Hirshman. One of my goals was to give back to society, and that I did. I gave more than my fair share during my years as a public defender and intend to give back to society throughout my career. But, it doesn't have to be on Ms. Hirshman's regimented schedule.

And, as for her denigration of the women that emailed her regarding her outrageous assertion--don't even get me started. I can't even begin to fathom what goes on in her mind--who says this stuff about other women?
If the letter writers, who are authentic (each of them signed the letter and included the name of her firm), did read the article, it is a little scary to think that practicing lawyers can read this or any text and so completely misunderstand its content...

I read these letters and wonder whether next time I go for legal advice I might get a lawyer unable to understand a simple opinion piece or, if this last writer is telling the truth, an accountant who cannot read the opening paragraphs of Get to Work or, indeed, any non-fiction.
This woman purports to be a feminist? Selective misogyny is a more fitting description.


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