I've found a manifesto that makes sense.

The Feminist Law Professors blog recently highlighted what is likely to become my very own manifesto, aptly entitled "The Motherhood Manifesto: What America’s Moms Want—And What to Do About It".

From the book:
Frankly, we are at a transition point in American history. While most mothers work in this country, we simply don’t have sufficient supports in place for parents and families. To suggest that mothers just need to find the proper balance between work and family is to profoundly misunderstand the issue. The truth is that our society hasn’t caught up to support the unprecedented diversity of roles modern women take on in a single day. At the heart of the matter is the need for change.
National policies and programs with proven success in other countries—like paid family leave, flexible work options, subsidized childcare and preschool, as well as healthcare coverage for all kids—are largely lacking in America. These problems are deeply interconnected and often overlap: Without paid family leave parents often have to put their infants in extremely expensive or substandard childcare facilities; families with a sick child, inadequate healthcare coverage, and no flexible work options often end up in bankruptcy (indeed illness is one of the top causes of bankruptcy).
Bravo! My newfound manifesto. They get it. They really get it!

And there's a website devoted to the cause: MomsRising.org. Follow this link to learn what it's about.

And, there's a blog, too!. I've already subscribed.

As an aside, I plan to update my sidebar and include links to website and organizations like this one. Check back soon.


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